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VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

Companies in EU or that have some of their customers in the EU have to know how VAT (Value Added Tax) applies to them. Keeping your business in good books with the VAT man is cruc...


Startup success in Europe versus Silicon Valley: myths and facts

Reading the same old myths over and over can make you think that there could be some truth behind it, after all. Like: if you're a startup, you'd better move to Silicon Valley or at least the US - there's a better chance that you'll IPO, and more chance of finding an acquirer with deep pockets. This "Atlantic divide" is a very persistent myth about European entrepreneurship. Any study trying to present facts inste... Read more

This is the X-ray of a successful entrepreneur, based on 15 000 tests [infograph]

For the last three years, the Founder Institute put all the applicants to the FI through a range of personality and aptitude tests - totaling more than 15 000 tests taken. Then, they checked the results of the the tests against the success rate of the 625 companies that graduated from the Founder Institute to see which personality traits and capabilities were markers for success. The results are in the infographic... Read more

6 things I learned building a global company from my Bucharest flat

When my cofounders and I started our business in a 2 bedroom flat in Bucharest (Romania), there was  just the three of us: Andrei, Gabriel and myself. Today, we have a team of 12 very talented people, with offices in Bucharest, Latin America (Chile) and New York. In 2012, we have over 2.500 companies registered on our Appscend platform and have designed over 250 mobile apps for various large international clients. ... Read more

Steve Jobs: what's love got to do with it?

When I first time heard  Steve Jobs's commencement speech to Stanford graduates (you know, the "stay hungry, stay foolish" speech), I was thrilled - it sounded so true, like someone had finally said what I had always thought. I was not alone - millions of other people around the globe shared the same feeling. His speech became an inspiration to many young people who step into life with great ideas and even greate... Read more

As the market for tablets and smartphones matures: what's next for tech companies?

For the first time in computing history, we have better hardware than any software application actually needs. Microprocessors are getting more powerful and more microscopic by the minute and huge data storage is being fit into tiny USB flash drives. We might be nearing the point where we no longer need to buy a new computer or smartphone every year to keep up with the technically demanding apps that are being releas... Read more