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VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

Companies in EU or that have some of their customers in the EU have to know how VAT (Value Added Tax) applies to them. Keeping your business in good books with the VAT man is cruc...


"World class entrepreneurs are never lucky. Néver!"

Here's some good advice for entrepreneurs from Steve Blank, the godfather of the Customer Development process, which in turn inspired the 'Lean Startup' movement. Customer Development is about getting close to your customers to understand how they work or live and what they need in order to address those needs. From a deep understanding of the needs of customers, you can develop products and services. It's a "pull... Read more

6 things Nick Cave can teach you about running a business

Bands have largely become corporate products, carefully positioned in crowded markets like soft drinks and stationwagons - and made up of middle class, well behaved young people who say 'thank you' and 'yes, Madam'. Meanwhile, small, hungry packs of misfits are launching obscure companies with weird names and 90 % chance of doom with a couple of friends. Just for the hell of it all. So I guess startups can use som... Read more

This graph shows the wage handicap in both Western AND Central Europe

The Financial Times published an article yesterday about the „emerging European countries” including Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. It was titled 'CEE Stop Imitating, Start Innovating', and it was based on research by the  Erste Group Research on Central and Eastern Europe. In a nutshell, the report shows that to catch up to Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe will have to focus on edu... Read more

Negotiating online? Do this for better results:

One of the main difficulties facing European business is the fact that we're dispersed more than in, say, the US. Yeah, we're all hubs, but we're all smallish hubs, and sooner or later we'll have to negotiate with other people either by chat, Skype or phone. The question is: how do you get over the limitations of the virtual contact?  How do you negotiate better with people in this virtual world. Well: you mim... Read more

VC's make a lot of money, right? WRONG

A very sobering blog post from Fred Wilson, principal at Union Square Ventures: he tallied the results for VC funds over the last ten years and found that the returns aren't all that great. The data comes from Cambridge Associates and spans tech, biotech, cleantech and other areas, and Wilson feels it does a goed job of representing the overall performance of the VC business in the US. Says Wilson: "there are no v... Read more