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VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

Companies in EU or that have some of their customers in the EU have to know how VAT (Value Added Tax) applies to them. Keeping your business in good books with the VAT man is cruc...


Female business angels invest 12k per round on average (France)

In an interview, Agnès Fourcade, president of the French female business angels (Femmes Business Angels), explains why the business angels in her network invest only about 12 000 € per round on average. Among the reasons given for this low number is the fact that most female business angels are still young, she says: "Most women in our network are under 50 - they just don't have the means that their (older) ma... Read more

How important is innovation on your sales? This important:

Just stumbled upon a report by about innovation and R&D in Europe (PDF). The report is from the European Commission, and it's based on a survey among 187 innovative European companies. Specifically, the report answers the question: how important is R&D and innovation on your sales? It turns out that it's significant. For most companies, innovative products account for more than 10 percent of their annual... Read more

"Fund tech, not crappy apps" (a rant)

Where pent up anger meets a keyboard, sometimes terrific rants follow. Dan Lyons, was obviously in an inspired, angry, ranty day when he wrote about all the hip startups that got seed funding that never should have gotten seed funding, and who now face a Series A "crunch" - meaning, as he explains: You know all those hundreds of incredibly stupid startups that have been raising seed money in Silicon Valley despite t... Read more

E-mail marketing good for 16 percent of online marketing budget

According to research by CCM Benchmark (France), e-mail represents about 16 percent of the e-marketing budget for websites. The research does show huge differences in how prominent e-mail is in the total marketing expenditures: for 43 percent of those surveyed, e-mail was good for less than 5 percent of its budget. For 10 % of the websites surveyes, it represented more than 40 % of the marketing cost. [caption ... Read more

Team management: how to build trust

“When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer” (Corrie ten Boom) Last week I trained a group of junior managers on coaching their team. One of the topics on the agenda was giving and receiving feedback, another was practicing coach sessions.  Even though the example in this article is about junior managers learnin... Read more