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VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

Companies in EU or that have some of their customers in the EU have to know how VAT (Value Added Tax) applies to them. Keeping your business in good books with the VAT man is cruc...


How big data will change sports: Once, Ortec TSS and SAP

As 'Moneyball' by Michael Lewis already showed, team managers as well as sports fans are eager for stats and data about teams, players and leagues. And we've only scratched the surface of what's possible: a recent announcement by SAP made that all the more clearer. Sports <3 big data Big data and sports were already a thing before SAP took an interest. In my previous life as a magazine writer, I already wrote an... Read more

Is your startup a zombie? Why you should pivot more.

Great post by Y Combinator alumnus and Referly founder Danielle Morrill about zombie startups. She says that her biggest fear is to become one of those companies that are seemingly alive, but are really dead:  "Kind of like in the 6th Sense when Bruce Willis doesn’t realize he is dead and tries to have a nice dinner with his wife, there are startups out there who are still “operating” but might as well not be.... Read more

The Mayer Memo: words of wisdom from MySQL's Marten Mickos

Here’s an interesting take on the ‘work from home’ debate that Marissa Mayer started and that is still raging (people really don't want to go to the office!). I came across it this morning on Slashdot. It’s an interview with former MySQL CEO and European entrepreneur of the year 2006 Marten Mickos.  Currently, he is CEO at Eucalyptus. Mickos has always worked a lot with what he calls a “distributed ... Read more

Great example of how disruption works: by shrinking the market

I came across another great example of how 'deflationary economics' work, as defined by Mark Suster at his blog 'both sides of the table'. First, if you're unfamiliar with deflationary economics: it's the principle that you can take a huge share of the market if you manage to make things a lot cheaper than they were before. As Suster says, it's one of the things he looks at when he's thinking of investing in a sta... Read more

How to interview 100 customers in 4 hours and get validation for your startup

I love people who find a clever shortcut somewhere. This is one of those. You should be convinced by now that it's important to "get out of the building" and validate your startup ideas  before you start with them (if not, you should read more blogs or startup books). The problem is that setting up interviews is can be extremely slow going: you have to be able to reach people first, get an appointment, and hope ... Read more