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VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

VAT for European #SaaS founders: here's what you need to know

Companies in EU or that have some of their customers in the EU have to know how VAT (Value Added Tax) applies to them. Keeping your business in good books with the VAT man is cruc...


Want to build a successful corporate culture? Do these 4 things:

Look at this: a document outlining the work culture at Netflix. It's worth clicking through it just for those opening slides about Enron: not what your average corporation would put in a slideshow. You can almost hear Netflix CEO Reed Hastings dictating this in 10 minutes: it's obvious that this is something that is deeply engrained in Hastings. According to PandoDaily, Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook said that "it ... Read more

"Why we need a user generated content and data tax in Europe"

In a guest post at Venturebeat, Nicolas Collin explains why France wants to tax digital data (= user generated content). Since the report stirred so much controversy, Collin obviously wanted to explain a bit about how they arrived at the conclusion that taxing Google, Facebook and others is best done by taxing their data. Technically, as I explained the day the report was published, (Nicolas) Colin and his co-a... Read more

5 startup PR lessons learned through trial and error

Often times – we’re asked about our “secret sauce.” The truth is, there isn’t a magic ingredient to pitching journalists nor is there a perfect science. As much as we’d like to write a lengthy ‘how to’ guide (trust us we’ve tried – they’re here, here and here) the real secret is that despite the existence of guidelines or step-by-steps – there is no secret code. Sorry to burst your bu... Read more

Game over: "RIP second screen startups, the TV industry will crush you"

Here's an interesting opinion from Carlos Diaz, founder of Kwarter and formerly blueKiwi (now Atos) and Reflect (now Emakina). Diaz says that 'social tv' and 'second screen' startups should realise that they will not win the race against the incumbents - the TV channels. Diaz writes this while the US is gearing up for the Superbowl (next Sunday), which is rapidly becoming more of an advertising and TV industry... Read more

Why programmers work at night (2): 4 tips to deal with interruptions

Recently, we blogged about the programmer who complained about distractions. He said: “Working on large abstract systems involves fitting the whole thing into your mind – somebody once likened this to constructing a house out of expensive crystal glassand as soon as someone distracts you, it all comes barreling down and shatters into a thousand pieces. This is why programmers are so annoyed when you distract t... Read more