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DIY: print your own android with these 3D printing instructions

DIY: print your own android with these 3D printing instructions

I love stories about people who chase obsessions, and this is certainly one of them: Gael Langevin is a French sculptor without any previous robotics experience who spent the last...


Is this the most uncomfortable office chair ever made?

Take a look at this office chair from Munich based designer Konstantin Grcic that we came across in this nice write up about the history of the Aeron office chair. While the Aeron was built to be super comfortable - comfortable enough to work 15 hour days during the dotcom bubble, this stool looks like something you wouldn't much enjoy sitting on. Which was exactly the point of the designer, it turns out. [gallery... Read more

Life after El Bulli: the world's best chef will collect all gastronomic knowledge in Bullipedia

Ferran Adrià closed his epochal restaurant El Bulli in July 2011 in order to found the elBulli Foundation, a centre of food innovation. Today Telefonica Digital announced that it's working with Ferran Adrià to bring his recipes and food innovations to the internet in 'La Bullipedia', an ambitious plan to build a database that "holds every bit of gastronomical knowledge ever uncovered." Adrià’s approach to cuis... Read more

Dance festivals: Tomorrowland turns down a bid for 100 million dollar

Tomorrowland dance festival, a concept of the Amsterdam based event organiser ID&T, is one of the dance festivals that are trying to innovate the good old Woodstock formula of dust, a multitude bodies in need of a shower and bad food. Innovation in dance festivals Tomorrowland has been around since 2005 and we've heard it described as a 'Disneyland for dance fans', with elaborate fairy tale decors, gastronomica... Read more

So what's the story behind THIS iconic LP cover image?

Spotted by @mdevrieze (great catch), a new series of films about the impact of data visualisation on culture. Part 1: Peter Saville on the iconic Joy Division cover of 'Unknown Pleasures'. The music isn't half bad either. Great video! For the conference in November you'll have to hop over to NY, though. Got more of this? Consider joining Whiteboard as a contributor, or talk to us via Twitter, the comment section ... Read more