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DIY: print your own android with these 3D printing instructions

DIY: print your own android with these 3D printing instructions

I love stories about people who chase obsessions, and this is certainly one of them: Gael Langevin is a French sculptor without any previous robotics experience who spent the last...


How drones will make you love TV sports coverage again (promise!)

Give it another few years and drones will completely change the way we watch sports. See this footage of the recent rally of Monte Carlo. I'm not a rally fan, but there's something exhilerating about seeing these cars roar through the S-turns from directly overhead. The footage was shot by a lightweight octocopter fitted with a camera and operated by FS Aviations, a German company: According to FS Aviation's s... Read more

See Deezer's first TV ad here, from an "expensive illustrator": [video]

Deezer just sent me this 30 second clip that serves as the company's first ever TV ad campaign - a seven week campaign that will run on France's Metropole Network (it was aired for the first time on M6 this weekend). The artwork was done by London based illustrator and musician mcbess (Matthieu Bessudo), who calls himself "an expensive illustrator and art director". According to Deezer CEO Axel Dauchez, the colla... Read more

Check out this crazy, "endless" house made with 3D printing

Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars plans to print a house next year: the 'Landscape House', that looks vaguely like an Escher drawing or a Möbius strip. To develop the design of the house, he worked with his friend Rinus Roelofs, an artist and mathematician. Because of the shape, the architect says that the house supports "endless" additions. Said Roelofs: “[The inspiration] was a house in Ireland. The location... Read more

When phone tracking goes wrong: Wayne Dobson DOESN'T have your cellphone. Really.

I usually confine blog subjects to Europe, but it's Friday, and it was too surreal to pass on. Apparently, a glitch with a Sprint system is robbing Las Vegas resident Wayne Dobson of his sleep: at all hours of the night and day, strangers show up at his door, demanding that he return their phones because their phone tracking solution shows without a doubt that their phone is somewhere in his house. It isn't. But i... Read more

Going on a mission to Mars? Better pack your light therapy gear, say doctors

Going on a mission to Mars isn't exactly healthy: you're floating around weightless for minimum 18 months in a tin can, occasionally bumping into other people whom you may or may not start to hate with a passion. But that's not all, research now shows. In June 2010, the European Space Agency locked six volunteers (3 Russians, 2 Europeans, 1 Chinese) into a capsule for 520 days. The goal was to simulate a 250 day s... Read more