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DIY: print your own android with these 3D printing instructions

DIY: print your own android with these 3D printing instructions

I love stories about people who chase obsessions, and this is certainly one of them: Gael Langevin is a French sculptor without any previous robotics experience who spent the last...


A robot brain in the cloud: RoboEarth

I saw 'Robot and Frank' this weekend, a charming little comedy about a robot who undergoes training as a lockpick and diamond thief. But the smart people at Roboearth figured out that training your robot to do something is probably a waste of time: millions of other people are probably trying to teach it the same things. Maybe not lock picking skills and how to pull off a diamond heist, but at least making breakfa... Read more

DIY: this jetpack only needs "a runway and clearance" to take off

This young German is either very stupid or very brave, or some combination of it: Fritz Unger says he was inspired by daredevils like Felix Baumgartner and Yves Rossy, and decided in 2007 that he would like to take to the air. After developing a miniature jetpack, he is now working with a few friends on a full size prototype with wooden wings. The final version should be a backpack with carbon wings powered by two j... Read more

DIY: make a circuit board fly with this cute, tiny quadcopter kit

Two years after they launched their surprise hit mini quadcopter Crazyflie, the guys at Bitcraze have made their new and improved Crazyflie available for preorder at Seedstudio. Arnaud Taffanel, Tobias Antonsson, and Marcus Eliasson worked as electronic engineers for Swedish consultancy firm Epsilon. As a competence development project, they started working on a tiny quadcopter in 2009. Their goal was to build a... Read more

Meet Rex, the Bionic Man with limbs, blood circulation and organs

Starting Thursday, the Science Museum in London will put a Bionic Man on display. Designed and built by top robotics experts for a Channel 4 documentary called 'How to build a bionic man', Rex is a walking display of the very latest techniques in robotics and bionics. Rex was built using approximately £ 1 million worth of limbs and organs harvested from the world's leading laboratories. He has artificial organs (... Read more

Dyson tap with a built in hand dryer: the Airblade Tap will blow you away

James Dyson is at it again. His newest product, the Airblade Tap, is a tap with a hand dryer built in. Not just any hand dryer, but one that will blow you away - forcing air out at almost 700 kilometers per hour. Guaranteed to blow you dry, says Dyson, and the end of wet public toilet floors or messy bins overflowing with paper towels. The Airblade Tap looks like a tap with wings. Those wings push out air at high ... Read more