Bloomberg Tradebook and InVendor are looking for the most promising companies in CEE/ME/Africa

Bloomberg Tradebook and InVendor are looking for the most promising companies in CEE/ME/Africa

On June 7th, at the Bloomberg Headquarters in London, Bloomberg Tradebook and InVendor Investment and Innovation are cohosting an international matchmaking event. We called it 'Inv...


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TechPeaks wants to accelerate both people and companies

In Trento, Italy a new "people" accelerator is opening its doors for the first batch of teams and individuals interested in building new businesses: TechPeaks. "95% of the accelerators will fail in the next couple of years because they are not differentiated. At TechPeaks we wanted to create something different. So we created the people accelerator concept. This means that we accept both founding teams and talent... Read more

Mentoring event 12/3, Brussels: an interview with Inge Geerdens, Belgian thought leader and entrepreneur.

Inge Geerdens and I have been on each other’s radar for a long time. We are both involved in executive search and research in Belgium, we have even attended the same event, but not spoken.  We have supported each other’s content on social media platforms for years. Despite both being based in Belgium, we had never met. I wanted to change that. So last Wednesday on an uncharacteristically sunny early spring B... Read more

Startup Camp Berlin to host the "biggest pitch marathon" ever (and a long one too)

Startup Camp Berlin has released details of what will be the largest pitching event in Europe - and by large they mean exhausting! Next week, 60 startups will deliver 4-minute pitches to top-tier investors including John Helm (DN Capital) and Sitar Teli (early SoundCloud investor) in the hopes of winning a grand prize valued at over € 25 000. Startup Camp Berlin 2013 is already the third edition of the startup... Read more

Second 'GO Youth Conference' (16 - 17 March) to spark Portuguese entrepreneurship

In 2008, a study made by a professor in the School of Economics at the University of Porto revealed that 35% of the students of Portuguese universities have entrepreneurial intentions, but the actual rate of entrepreneurship is 6.4%. In order to help the youth in Portugal learn how to become entrepreneurs and to offer them role models of well-known founders that started at an early age, a team of young people a... Read more