Car to car communication will happen by 2015, car manufacturers promise

22 Nov, 2012

A consortium of twelve carmakers, including Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen and Volvo, have agreed to bring car to car communication to European roads by 2015, using a common standard for message formats, security requirements and privacy.

It’s a big step towards safer and more efficient road traffic: the system can warn drivers of dangerous situations, but it can also communicate with traffic lights and traffic signs:

…the systems enable vehicles to exchange data about their speed, their position and their driving direction, with other vehicles as well as with traffic lights or variable traffic signs.

The in-vehicle system analyses the incoming data and detects if the individual vehicle is concerned by a potentially dangerous situation, for example if a vehicle in front suddenly slows down, if a broken down vehicle or road works block a lane, if there is an hazardous situation caused by weather conditions like local black ice or aqua planning, and gives an information and warning to the driver.

Additionally the information provided by traffic infrastructure, for example about temporary speed limits or signal phases and timing of cooperative traffic lights, will not only help avoiding accidents, but also contributes to more efficient and comfortable driving by preventing abrupt speed changes, causing high emissions

Watch a video of car to car communication here:

Car to car communication: the real realtime traffic information

Basically this means that your car will tell you that it’s no use putting your foot on the pedal, because you’ll encounter a red light anyway – or on the other hand, encourage you to keep driving at the same speed to catch a wave of green lights. Of course, this system would also mean a huge upgrade for traffic information – it would essentially be the first genuine system of realtime traffic density.

The consortium is now working on a minimum set of features that will be rolled out on day one that the service is available.

Consortium press release.

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Photo: Highways Agency

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