Axel Springer starts subscription video streaming Bild Movies

10 Jan, 2013

German publishing giant Axel Springer started offering a subscription streaming video service in cooperation with Vivendi this weekend.

German viewers can subscribe to the streaming service under the brand name ‘Bild Movies’ for a flat rate of 8,99 euros on the and portal. Vivendi is offering the service under the brand ‘‘. The platform offers series like ‘Two and a half men’, ‘The Tudors’, ‘Sex and the city’ as well as blockbusters like ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Pulp Fiction.

There seem to be plans for international expansion, as the domain names,  .fr and .com were also acquired by Vivendi.

Springer is working very hard to pivot from publishing into the digital age.

While tabloid Bild is still the cash cow for Springer, the publisher is increasingly looking at digital business models to transition to the post print era – mostly buy buying up digital market leaders around Europe (like the recent acquisition of for € 127 million).

As we wrote earlier, there’s a race towards offering paid content from both traditional media like Springer, but also formerly free services like Dailymotion and telecoms.  And it’s not guaranteed to bring lots of profits.

Via via Gründerszene.

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