Another telecom goes vertical: Belgacom now sells alarm systems

21 Feb, 2013

As predicted by Swisscom Participations CEO Dieter Bernauer, the European telecoms are looking at verticals where they can’t be as easily disrupted by lower cost virtual operators or “over the top” apps like Viber or Skype.

A week ago, Telefonica announced that it had acquired a majority stake in a Brazilian remote care providerToday, Belgian market leader Belgacom announced that it will start selling high end alarm systems and that it is looking at offering remote monitoring for people (elderly or patients) in the future.

The Belgacom Home Control alarm system is a € 499,99 package that contains an HD camera, an infrared motion detector, two magnetic door sensors, a smoke detector a smart plug and two remote controls, plus a web based dashboard. In case of alarms, the system sends e-mail and text messages to a number of contacts.

Also, the camera automatically uploads 30 seconds worth of images to the online storage space – to make sure that if perpetrators destroy the cameras, some footage is at least safe.

Apart from purchase and installation costs, the monthly subscription comes at € 9,99 per month. The service also requires a VDSL2 connection – from Belgacom. While the Intamac camera is technically compatible with broadband connections of any operator, Belgacom disabled that possibility in its package.

Dominique Leroy, VP of Consumer at Belgacom, said she wouldn’t announce any sales targets. She said: “In the long term, we aim to subscribe a large portion of our customers to these kinds of services.”

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