About Whiteboard

Whiteboard is a news site and community for European

  • entrepreneurs
  • innovators
  • thought leaders

We bring news about entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and inspiration from around the world.

We also offer European entrepreneurs and opinion leaders a chance to express themselves with editiorial support from our editorial staff. This way, we hope to create European role models for young entrepreneurs and experts.

Whiteboard was founded by magazine journalist Raf Weverbergh, with the help of about 100 entrepreneurs from around Europe.

Sounds great, but tell me…

1. Why does Whiteboard exist?

Whiteboard wants to make it easier for entrepreneurs and experts to gain a reputation beyond their home (national) market. This way, it should become easier for European entrepreneurs to grow their business in Europe, and get access to funding.

Read the long version here.

2. How does Whiteboard want to achieve this?

  1. By bringing entrepreneurship news and profiles from across Europe to an international audience.
  2. By offering a platform for entrepreneurs and experts to express themselves, share their experiences and insight.