A “vertical accelerator” for ad tech startups launches in London

Accelerators come in all shapes and sizes, but more and more, predicted Mikko Järvenpää, we’ll see a shift towards ‘vertical accelerators’.

Why? Because horizontal accelerators need world class startups as well as mentors to make sure that the accelerator can offer the kind of support and industry contacts that a diverse class of startups need. It’s safe to say that only a very limited number of accelerators will be able to consistently bring in top quality.

This week, a new accelerator named The Bakery will launch in London’s Tech City, for UK startups in the ad tech industry.

This is how the accelerator sells itself on the waiting page:

We match innovative technology start-ups with the global marketing muscle of the biggest brands and their agencies. We have over $500,000 worth of contracts to award to the 10 best start-ups who get chosen for our first programme in Spring 2013!

The initiative is supported by huge brands like BMW, AB Inbev, Heinz, Panasonic and Ideal Standard, and with agencies like Havas, Vizeum, Karmarama, MBA and Kitcatt Nohr. You can register for more info on the website of The Bakery.

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